SlimVirgin case

This page intends to be a summary of the pages related to the myth that MI5 is infiltrated into Wikipedia via User:SlimVirgin.


  1. This page is almost done. This means that I will not continue with investigation after I realize that the article is complete. However, if you have some new references and claims related to this issue, please add them as a comment. If they are verifiable, I’ll add them inside of the page. Hate speech, privacy infringements and similar will be deleted from the comments.
  2. The last section is named “Updates” and it will be used for announcing updates of document.


  • A group of people on Wikipedia Review forum are antagonized with User:SlimVirgin from at least the first half of 2006 and they are trying to discredit her work using different methods.
  • They are helped by Daniel Brandt, a person which projects are Google Watch and Wikipedia Watch.
  • Discrediting SlimVirgin’s work on Wikipedia started from criticizing her work and at the end of July of 2007 it came to brutal ad hominem attacks, including allegations that she is MI5 (and Mosad?) agent.
  • The case is escalated when Slashdot published the article which refers to Ludwig De Braeckeleer’s article in which conspiracy theory is described (without any reference, assuming that readers will trust to all of his words).
  • Up to the present data, it is reasonable to believe that she is Sarah and that she own(ed) domain, however it is very hard to connect her with Linda Mack as well as it is hard to say that Linda Mack is MI5 agent.

Articles to read

From SlimVirgin to MI5 agent and further

User:SlimVirgin = Sarah McEwan => owns domain

  1. Some time ago was registered on the person named S.McEwan from Swalwell, Alberta, Canada. Domain was registered in 2002. Today, domain is anonymously registered.
    • It is not possible to check this claim.
  2. Domain was registered on the address
    • It is not possible to check this claim.
  3. “S.” means “Sarah”.
    • “S” may be at the beginning of a lot of female names.
  4. “[Sarah McEwan] wrote a couple of letters to a newspaper in Britain defending animal rights on the foxhunting issue”.
  5. “Slim signs the name “Sarah” on Wikipedia.”
    • Not found
      • Finally, someone gave a link which proves that User:SlimVirgin is singing as Sarah. It was not on Wikipedia, but on the list.

If we want to say that user SlimVirgin is Sarah McEwan who owns domain, we should:

  • … trust to Daniel Brandt that:
    • … domain was registered to S.McEwan;
    • … it was registered to the address
  • … assume that:
    • … S. means “Sarah”;
    • … SlimVirgin’s surname is McEwan and she owns address

Even this is the most possible from all of this tale, please, try to google for “slim virgin”. You will find a number of adult sites…

(will be changed according to new data)

User:SlimVirgin = Sarah McEwan = Linda Mack

  1. According to her IP addresses, she is somewhere in central Canada.
    • I don’t want to check, so I’ll say that this is true.
  2. During 2006. on her page she said that she was alumnus of Cambridge.
    • Only admins on English Wikipedia may check that. The first available version of ther user page is from 22 October 2006.
      • An kept the page form March 2006. (The user page was locked, which means that only admins [including SlimVirgin] could change it. This means that relevancy of the link is high.)
  3. There was a page there which had “mouseover on the name of alumnus Linda Mack showed an email address of”, but “”The Kings College website listing of Linda Mack was deleted within the last six months, …”
    • It is not possible to check this claim.
  4. “Then by looking at SlimVirgin’s early edits on Wikipedia, it was obvious that she was obsessed with PanAm 103,”
  5. “… just as Linda Mack was known to be obsesseed with PanAm 103.”
    • It is not possible to check this claim.
      • According to this link it is maybe possible to check this claim. However, some relevant quotes are needed.
  6. “Just as Slim’s edits on Wikipedia have slowly but surely been oversighted to obscure the Linda Mack connection, so too has some of the above information.”
    • According to my investigation, this is not true. When I say that, this means that I didn’t see removing data which connects SlimVirgin and Linda Mack. (Example for such action would be removing her involvement in PanAm flight 103.)
    • Removing personal identity (which proves this link) may mean:
      • Her identity is not Sarah McEwan nor Linda Mack; removing data was done just to protect her identity (which is, according to the whole situation very reasonable).
      • Her identity is Sarah McEwan and data removal is done for the same reason as above.
      • Her identity is Linda Mack and data removal is done for the same reason as above. Except very problematic connections such alumnus of Cambridge and interest for PanAm flight 103 are, I didn’t see that any stronger connection between SlimVirgin and Linda Mack existed on Wikipedia.

While other claims are relative or arbitrary, the only thing which may make a clear connection between SlimVirgin and Linda Mack is connection between the name “Linda Mack” and address Up to now, I didn’t see any such connection.

(will be changed according to new data)

Linda Mack is MI5 spy

(to be added…)

Frightening SlimVirgin

When Slashdot article published, at least two persons explicitly offended her (User:Haxrei, Anonymous user ( Also, some number of others tried to do the same with “more sophisticated” methods (like “please, may you fill that poll”). At this point the whole situation smell like witch-hunt.

Intelligence agencies of UK

MI5 is a counter-intelligence agency. It’s purpose is to react against other intelligence agencies. So, the primary purpose of some MI5 agent on Wikipedia would be dealing with spies of non-UK intelligence agencies. If this is true, and according to the fact that MI5 is not amateur organization, this means that Wikipedia is influenced at least by one more intelligence agency which UK treats as (at least on the intelligence level) an enemy.

(to be continued…)

Wikipedia Review

It is not far of truth to say that a number of people on Wikipedia Review site is obsessed by SlimVirgin. There are a lot of topics which describe “how SlimVirgin is bad”:


  •  2007-07-31 18:00: One comment was made on my blog on Blogspot. (Please, don’t use this blog for comments anymore; comment this page.) User with nickname “sv” gave links which are included inside of relevant parts of the article:
    • A link to one email (wikien-l list) where SlimVirgin signed as “Sarah”.
    • A link to the archived SlimVirgin’s Wikipedia user page on where she claims that she was studing ad Cambridge University.
    • A link to Jimmy Wales’ email to wikien-l list where he said that personal data are “oversighted to protect the personal identities”.
    • A link to the book by Micheal T. Hurley and Kenton V. Smith where connection between Linda Mack and PanAm flight 103 should be described.

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