Wikipedia needs: delete levels

From time to time, I want to know what was written on the deleted page. If spam and idiosyncratic texts are excluded, the vast majority of deleted pages had some content and for the public it is lost.

Also, a number of conspiracy theories as well as a lot of bad faith are coming from impossibility to read some of deleted pages which simply didn’t pass “notability” criteria. We should relax it.

So, my suggestion is making delete levels:

  • “Soft delete” would remove page from the main name space to the name space which may be called “Deleted:”. Those pages would still exist; maybe, it should leave possibility to edit them, too; but it should be told to web bots not to look to this name space.
  • “Hard delete” would be the same as delete option is now. However, usage of “hard delete” should be strictly under control to some categories (hate speech, violation of someone’s privacy, copyright infringement and similar).

See other Wikimedian needs.


~ by millosh on July 30, 2007.

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