EYAWKAW, update to 1.1

I made some updates to the FAQ Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Wikipedia* (*But Were Afraid to Ask). You may find full text here.

Significant changes

I want to cite Wikipedia article in my school work. How to do that?

Don’t do that. You shouldn’t cite even Britannica in your school work because it is an Encyclopedia. And encyclopedia should be used for getting general knowledge, not for getting quotes for school nor scientific work.
(I strictly disagree with citing any encyclopedia. However some people think that it is possible to cite encyclopedia in some cases. You may be interested to read Geoffrey Burling’s article “When to cite from encyclopedia — even though you’re not suppose to“.)

New Q&As

I didn’t find an article about first order kinetics on Wikipedia and I need it!

What a good opportunity to make your first contribution to the sum of human knowledge! Please, find some sources and write the article.

You are so customer-unfriendly! I will never use your services again!

Wikipedia is not a company which provides services to it’s customers. Wikipedia is built over voluntary work of it’s users. And you are one of Wikipedia’s users. If you need such article on Wikipedia and you don’t know how to write it, ask someone to help you or to write the article.

So, I asked you to write the article!

Sorry, my knowledge about nuclear chemistry is very poor. I just found a red link on Wikipedia to make an example 😉

And if I ask you to help me to write the article?

Yes, I may help you. However, keep in mind that almost for sure you are know subject much better then then me. I may help you providing to you relevant methods for work on Wikipedia. If it is hard for you to read help pages on Wikipedia, you may contact me via email, via IRC (my nick is “millosh”, of course) or via Jabber (millosh@jabber.org). If you don’t find me, feel free to ask people on the channel. Also, I hope that this FAQ will be enough for the beginning in the future.

~ by millosh on August 4, 2007.

2 Responses to “EYAWKAW, update to 1.1”

  1. “However, keep in mind that almost for sure you are know subject much better then then me” —> “However, keep in mind that almost for sure you know the subject much better than me”
    (-are,+the,-then,+than) 🙂

  2. Thank you, I’ll fix it 🙂 (Only “are” is typo, “the”, “than” and “then” are related to the fact that I am not native speaker of English).

    BTW, this WordPress anti-spam software is a shit. I saw your comment today (August 8th) and this is the second case of marking non-spam as a spam. However, it didn’t mark as spam a comment written on other article only a few seconds after posting the article.

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