A few words about the earliest operating systems

Here are some references about the earliest operating systems:

If we say that running jobs from queue without operators is something which qualifies some software as an operating system, then, according to my knowledge, those three are the first.

If you have some more data about the earliest operating systems, please let me know. Also, if you have some better, different etc. definitions of the minimums for one operating system, please let me know that, too.

Update (2008-12-16): See Robert L. Patrick’s document Operating Systems at Conception.

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  1. […] in Warren, Michigan in 1955 If you are looking for the first operating system, please read this (small) article firstly. Steve Holland from General Motors Research Laboratories sent to me an interesting text […]

  2. […] A few of my words around this text are here. General page about the earliest operating systems is here. […]

  3. I had no idea that one of the first operating systems was made by a company, of which now makes common cars. Thanks for the share, I will be sure to add something about this post on my website!

  4. operating system is integrated set of software that enable us to build programs and configure computer according our need .
    via kkr

  5. Now , the operating system operating the entire computer world
    internally but who knows it
    to aware every one about os we have to provide the information(history) to user when he installing the os

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