FCKeditor+MediaWiki patch, new versions

This is an announce page! If you see this page more then a month after publishing, please look at this page for the newest versions of patches.

Please read the comments and other related pages before you decide to use this extension! In brief, it is not stable yet!

It is working with 1.11.0, too. New versions of FCKeditor have some fixed bugs. I still don’t recommend it for public sites. However, it is very useful for personal and small organizational work. I made patches for versions 1.10.2 and 1.11.0. In the future, I’ll try to see is it possible to make a patch for the 1.6.x branch of MediaWiki.

Enjoy 🙂


~ by millosh on October 5, 2007.

4 Responses to “FCKeditor+MediaWiki patch, new versions”

  1. Are you the developer/programmer of FCKEditor? Well, yes, ScribbleWiki used it until they finally disabled it after many complaints were found in relation to a bug that it was hard to work and put random HTML tags after every post. It was also hard to work with in relation to tables, backgrounds, and div tags. I also had a problem. Hope it gets fixed!


  2. I’m sorry, that was not my website that I linked to. There is no such website. Link is now fixed.


  3. No, I am not a developer of FCKeditor 🙂 I am just doing a part of job which they don’t do (packing a patch).

    Yes, there are some bugs, but it is still OK for personal usage. Also, FCKeditor is developing. I realized that some bugs don’t exist in the newer versions.

  4. Also, thanks for noticing me that someone used it on public site. Because of that, I added notices on all pages that it shouldn’t be used on public sites yet.

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