Wikidata (again)

I squatted Wikidata page on Meta and added there a summary of present projects, needs etc. for which I know (or remembered).

This field is very complex, needed, but neglected on Wikimedia projects (exception is French Wikipedia).

For now, it is a summary page. However, I hope that it will initiate a real organized work on this issue.


~ by millosh on October 16, 2007.

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  1. For my WikiWord project, I have been collecting links for a similar topic at – especially look at the “Related Projects” section. I’ll leave it up to you if the links are relevant for inclusion on the meta page… Some seem quite relevant, especially the idea of extracting structured information from Wikipedia, like does. The Microformats WikiProject might also be worth mentioning.

  2. Thank you! I added your site and links from “Related Projects” to the page on Meta. I hope that you are subscribed to the list wiki research.

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