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I started to write a long post about Volapuk case. It became a very complex case because a lot of people are involved in arguing pro and contra “Radical cleaning of Volpauk Wikipedia“. Also, this case is not alone. While there are differences between this and other similar cases, at the bottom of those requests are staying the same or very similar reasons. Consequences of this case are, also, very important. While some of them I support, some of them are very problematic.

The whole analysis with my positions will be written in the separate post. This one should be used for gathering resources (pages, diffs, emails, blog posts…) in a “neutral manner”. (Yes, I know that the real “neutral manner” is not possible when the concept of gathering resources is not neutral — at least, I connected three cases: Lombard, Volapuk and Polish; but, at least, I won’t comment resources here.)

If you find that I didn’t add something, please, add it as a comment. Note about diffs: If you think that some wiki diff is important, please add it, too, even the main page is added here. The same is for any particularly important email.

As I see this as a part of the process which (up to now) escalated on the case of Volapuk Wikipedia, sources related to similar cases, including Lombard Wikipedia, Polish Wikipedia and generally automatic content adding — are welcome, too.

Volapuk Wikipedia

Lombard Wikipedia

(Please, give links to foundation-l or any other WM list if you have them. I didn’t find them.)

Polish Wikipedia

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