How *not* to build mutual trust between ethnicities

A couple of weeks ago, I wouldn’t tag posts like this one as Wikimedian. But, English Wikipedia Arbitration Committee decided to make a Working group on ethnic and cultural edit wars and I am now a member of that work group. So, while the next story is not closely related to Wikimedia, it is related to ethnic conflicts and it may be useful for the work group.

Yesterday evening some artists from Pristina had an exhibition in the downtown of Belgrade. It is a contemporary art of young artists from Kosovo. They are dealing with their own problems, globally the same as problems everywhere, but particularly with a very different point of view from the most people from Serbia. People on Kosovo have their own new myths, new national heroes etc. and their young artists are criticizing those things in their own society.

However, their new myths are anti-myths in Serbia and their new national heroes are anti-heroes in Serbia. It is, also, possible that those young artists were not aware of those facts.

People who were aware are organizers of those events in Serbia.

And, instead of presenting parts of the Albanian culture which are closely related to the Serbian culture (and there are a lot of such parts) and really work on building mutual trust between, they had chosen to provoke reaction of extreme right-wingers from Serbia.

So, if we really want to build mutual trust between ethnicities and cultures, this is the wrong way.

You may see images from Novi Sad (a couple of days ago; extremists were not organized) and images from Belgrade (yesterday evening; extremists were organized).


~ by millosh on February 8, 2008.

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