Finally, FCKeditor as a pure extension for MediaWiki!

At the most visited post of my blog (of course, it is about FCKeditor 🙂 ), I’ve got the next message from one of the FCKeditor developers:

FCKeditor is now a pure extension, no patches required.
The latest version can be downloaded here:
Compatible with 1.10+ (up to 1.12 currently).
A couple of important bugs has been fixed recently so I strongly encourage you to download the latest release -)

Have fun using FCKeditor!

BTW. If you find some free time and will be willing to improve the extension, feel free to join the project ;-)

The most important notes about FCKeditor extension for MediaWiki are:

  • It produces wikitext, not HTML!
  • Don’t use it at large sites yet, but as a couple of important bugs are fixed, it may be used in controlled conditions (smaller sites with an admin-enthusiast should be OK).

Note, also, that I didn’t test it. However, I trust more to PHP programmers from FCKeditor team than to myself (while I know to program in PHP, I am not a PHP programmer).

Here are my few notes about what FCKeditor needs (according to my last test from a few months ago):

  • Paste HTML (copy is working), like I may do, for example, here, at WordPress.
  • Paste images (copy is working; of course, with possibility to define [and change] a default upload site, like Wikimedia Commons is).
  • Supporting Subversion version of MediaWiki (currently 1.13), so it may be used on Wikimedia projects and other projects which are keeping MediaWiki up to date.
  • (I know that I wanted to say here one more important thing, but I forgot it… I’ll update this post when I remember.)

~ by millosh on April 2, 2008.

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  1. […] FCKEditor: WYSIWYG editor for MediaWiki IMPORTANT: As of April 2008, this page is OUTDATED. FCKeditor is now a regular extension and there is no need for using a patch. For more details see this post. […]

  2. Is it working or v1.13. If so, need pointers for the complete go thru… Thanks.

  3. As it is an extension, it should work with MW 1.13 and MW 1.14alpha. So, you should try to install it regularly.

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