PR agencies, Wikipedia and liberals

Yesterday, I was listening a lecture of my friend, a liberal. He is a PhD student in psychology and his field of interest is decision making processes; and he is very good in that field. After that I was drinking beer with him and his friends in [something similar to] pub. One of them is working for one small PR agency from Belgrade, which has important enough clients.

First about liberals… There is a completely different meaning of the word “liberal” in Europe. Primary meaning of “liberal” in Europe is “economic right”, which is connected with social-darvinist ideologies. Of course, there is “American meaning” of “liberal” here, too. However, a person which is using “liberal” in the sense of “progressive” is very uneducated… I mean, very well educated just on Hollywood movies and EU propaganda machinery. So, usually, when you mark someone as “liberal”, you told to her that she is against universal healthcare, that she treats differently poor and rich people and the her ideology smells on Nazism.

Actually, according to the Political Compass test, my friend is a relatively strong leftist. But, he is a fan of Zbigniev Brezhinsky and if you are not Nixon, Obama nor a person which personal interests are closely connected to Brezhinsky’s strategic doctrines, you are suffering of some kind of psycho-pathology; like liberals (in “European sense”) do.

Another interesting moment was related to the science of decision making processes. Holly Thing, I am so happy because that science is so stupid! The only two persons who asked questions related to the basic methods were one physicist and I. Psychologists were asking ethics- and motivation-related questions. So, the good news are that financial, state and military structures will stay stupid.

And now about Wikipedia… There are just good news, too. In brief, we are [still] fancy and PR agencies are willing to follow our rules.

Even I had known rationally that this kind of things are happening on Wikipedia, this was the first time for me to talk with a person from one PR agency who is actually doing that. So, yes, PR agencies are actively working on Wikipedia. And they have problems because they are not introduced well in our rules. But, when I explained that they may read the rules, follow them and do their job, I didn’t find any kind of confrontation. Actually, “following the rules” is something which they like. And I suppose that I am not the first Wikipedian who were talking with a person from one PR agency.

The other issue is related to their trainings. Importance of collaborative communities and networks became the top issue in PR personel training. So, yes, this PR agency is interested to take PR of WM Serbia for free, which is a very good opportunity for WM RS.


~ by millosh on May 15, 2009.

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