Withdrawal of candidacy

I was a candidate for the WMF Board for two days. So, it seems that I need to explain why did I withdraw my candidacy…

Actually, the most important question is why did I candidate myself. I couldn’t say that while I was in the race because I would sound too arrogant. Now, I can.

At the time of my candidacy, Ting was a candidate and I knew that Sj will be, too. Two of them were the only preferable candidates for me and there are three seats. OK, there were two more candidates who would be acceptable for me: Ad and Domas. But, I think that acceptable candidates are good as possible solutions, not as preferred ones.

There is one more important thing: I really don’t want to be a Board member 🙂 I have to have a strong motivation to accept that duty.

Being a board member means that you have to be a politician. I don’t want to be a politician. It means that you need to travel. I don’t like to travel. It consumes a lot of time. I would have to find that time. Besides that, I like committee work a lot more than public work.

Today I’ve seen that Kat is in the race, which raises a number of preferable candidates to three. Ad withdrew his candidacy, which means that, in my opinion, there are three candidates that I would like to see in Board and one backup candidate 😉 For me, this is good enough.

~ by millosh on July 21, 2009.

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  1. Whatever works.

  2. it was sad , again i really think you could be a good board member.

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