We need new Angelas, Antheres and Andres

I am in Berlin on Hackathon 2011 and up to ten minutes ago I was talking with Gerard Meijssen about many things. The last part of our conversation was about his platform for Board elections.

His position is that we should put emphasis much more on how things are getting done than on what has been done. Because that’s why we are Wikimedians. I agree with him. And it is not just a philosophical position, it is empirically proved: primates are getting their endorphin not when reward comes, but during the process of work.

Then I started to talk about things which matters and which we’ve forgot because being more and more bureaucratic. And he told to me that he wants my blog post about that. So, here it is.

I remember well how important was to me to get help during the first months of building the community around Serbian Wikipedia in 2004. From that time I remember well Angela, Anthere and Andre Engels. It was so good to see some friendly nicks on project, which are asking do we need some help, which are informing us about important issues inside of the rest of community, which are helping us technically.

Last months I’ve been thinking a lot about what should we do to constantly let know that we care about small communities. To ask them do they need something; is there something which bothers them; how can we help?

Angela, Anthere and Andre are still Wikimedians. However, their lives have been moved from the point when they were helping to small communities half of decade ago. So, we need new persons who would go around Wikimedia projects and do the job which they were doing.

As far as I know, there is one similar example. People from the projects in languages with relatively small population from former Soviet Union have a kind of networked community. More experienced editors from Russian Wikipedia are helping them.

But, I want such thing to be global!

So, be bold: go around and ask small projects editors do they need help, what bothers them… If you don’t know the answer, ask more experienced Wikimedians and transfer it to the particular community. If you don’t have permissions and you need them, you will get them for sure.

Dealing with vandalism is important, but that’s just the top of the iceberg. We are humans, we want to know that we have friends, we want to have them when we need them; we want to love and to be loved. That’s the most important part of our nature and edits, words, articles mean nothing without it.

~ by millosh on May 13, 2011.

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