Do you know where I am from?

(The event below happened in February 2011. I didn’t want to spread this as it sounds a bit embarrassing. But, anonymized it could pass.)

It was about chapters. And here are brief points from emails:

  • Someone from WMF: “Hello, we want to make IRC meeting of Asian chapters.” — representatives of chapters on the list, visible from the extensions of their emails or from their names: Hong Kong, Ukraine, <Chinese name with Gmail account>, myself, Macedonia, Philippines, Indonesia.
  • Indonesian: “Sorry, we are too busy and have some internal issues, so we won’t be able to attend the meeting.”
  • Filipino: “It will be too late for us, but I’ll try to manage to attend.”
  • <Chinese name>: “On which channel the meeting would be?”
  • Someone from WMF: “As nobody except you said anything, it is likely that it will be on #wikimedia-hk.” — this time email was sent to me and to <Chinese name>. Note that I didn’t say anything.
  • <Chinese name>: “My chapter is Wikimedia Taiwan.”

Consequently, I concluded that I am from Hong Kong. I didn’t know that before, but I am always open for self-insights.

~ by millosh on August 25, 2011.

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  1. За съжаление хората рядко поглеждат към картата на света, преди да напишат следващата си глупост. 🙂 За България съм чувала, че е някъде между Анкара и Букурещ или … бивша Руска република 😀

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