I started Wiki World as a project with a goal to gather people who want to talk about wiki in general. The central part of the project is its mailing list. If you have a good idea for new project and you want to share your idea with others or you just want to talk about wiki philosophy — you are welcome!

A number of times I was looking into a good idea (mine or other’s) about the wiki project, but I didn’t see a relevant place to talk about it. A number of times I wanted to talk about some important thoughts related to wikis, but I didn’t feel comfortable to talk about it on any relevant existing list/wiki.

So, I asked people on foundation-l list what do they think about the idea that Wikimedia hosts such list. While I think that there are a lot of reasons why it is good, Erik was right when he said that Wikimedia Foundation servers are not enough independent place to host such list. So, I asked people from ibiblio to host the list and supporting wiki.

Project aim is not to be a separate entity, but a place where people involved in wiki world would be able to talk about everything related to wikis. Those people should govern the project, too.

A lot of things are not defined yet. So, anyone who is willing to participate in the core development of the idea is welocme. You may use Wiki World wiki or you may send to me an email directly.
For more details about the project see FAQ of the Wiki World.


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