Myths around Wikimedia

This page intends to deal with different kind of myths around Wikimedia (and Wikipedia, of course). Growing project, one of the top ten in the world, generates different kinds of myths, both: positive and negative.

It is not possible to build free knowledge with them. Positive myths are giving us false picture of our achievements and negative frustrates us up to the point when we don’t want to hear reasonable and constructive critics.

The aim of this pages is not to sanction that something is myth, but to develop a critical approach to analysis of different tales around Wikimedia. Because of that, it is clearly possible to find here some stories which are not myths, but something which looks like a myth (or, at least, which looked like a myth at the beginning).

This page will grow through the time. For now, there is only one category:

  • Wikimedia and interest groups. This category deals with different kinds of myths related to influence of interest groups into Wikimedia and her projects. This includes tales about different kinds of conspiracies around Wikimedia and people involved in Wikimedia projects.

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