Wikipedia and interest groups

There are a lot of kinds of interest groups. And there is at least one common thing to all of them: they are trying to achieve their own interests.

If we look at such definition, we may conclude that all parts of social life are influenced by some of interest groups. It is not so hard to suppose that a number of social groups, political parties, companies, a number of states and their agencies etc. are willing to make some influence on different Internet sites, including Wikimedia and their projects.

However, it is important to find what is true and what isn’t. Also, it is important to find what are the consequences of such influences: If consequences are destructive, we should fight; if they are constructive, we should just analyze the goals of that interest group. In all cases we mustn’t mystify them.

  • SlimVirgin case and allegation that she is MI5 agent who is infiltrated in Wikipedia.

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