Questions, female version 1.1

For the background of this series of interviews, as well as for interviews, please take a look at the page Women and Wikimedia projects and its subpages.

(Changes from the version 1.0: (1) Questions assume Delphine’s and SlimVirgin’s interview. (2) Page “Women and Wikimedian projects” where pages from this subject are categorized, (3) A question related to different communities is added, (4) A question related to the opposition of Delphine’s and SlimVirgin’s interviews added. (5) First question is changed. (5) A question about changing situation is modified.)

Hi, this is a set of questions for an interview. I want to interview as more as possible women who are participating in Wikimedia projects. For the background, please, take a look at the post on my blog. There is also the page which summarizes this subject (links to all relevant pages, including already finished interviews).

Here are some technical and meta issues related to this interview:

  • If you know some other female Wikimedian contributor who is willing to give an interview, please let me know or simply forward this email to her (and replace your name in answers with her). There is a set of questions for male Wikimedians, too. However, male Wikimedian should be nominated for this interview by female who participated in interview.
  • There are a couple of options which you have according to this interview:
    • You don’t have to participate, of course. However, if you don’t want to participate, I would like to know why is it so.
    • You may choose to have an anonymous interview. But, I have to know who you are because of interview validity and non-uncovering analytical purposes. (Of course, as I am sending this through an email, the last condition applies only to contributors to whom I didn’t send an email directly.)
    • You may choose not to answer to some of the questions.
  • This is an interview, not a questionnaire. This means that even if some questions are for yes/no/date/time response, please don’t give a simple answer. Make a descriptive answer. For example, the first question is “How long you are involved in Wikimedian projects?”. Feel free to write there how did you find Wikipedia, who is “responsible” for involving etc.
  • Note that I want to publish your answers on my blog and/or inside of some relevant Wikimedian place (Wikinews, Wikizine, ?). As it may be a reason why you don’t want to participate, please let me know.
  • I sent to you HTML formated email. I am sorry because of that 😉 but it is the best way how to format text inside of email.
  • It is possible that your answers give to me some more ideas. Because of that, it is possible that I would send to you some more questions.
  • Of course, you are free to give me any kind of suggestion related to this interview.


Please, tell us something about you: Who are you? In which projects you are involved? What is your username on Wikimedian projects? How long are you involved in Wikimedian projects? (If you choose to fill this interview anonymously, please answer to those questions and tell me how to introduce you. Answers will not appear in the interview, I will use them for interview verification and later analysis. Of course, there will not be analysis which would uncover your identity like “one person from one [small] community thinks that”.)

Female Wikimedian:

Do you have some of the privileges on projects: admin, bureaucrat, checkuser, oversight, steward? (You don’t need to tell what privileges you have.) If you have some of them, do you think that you gain them easier or harder because you are female or you think that it was not relevant?

Female Wikimedian:

By your opinion, what is the main reason of small relative number of women on Wikimedian projects?

Female Wikimedian:

Do you think that your communication with the rest of the (particular and global) community is easier or harder because you are female or you think that it is not relevant?

Female Wikimedian:

If you were in some decision-making process, do you think that your opinion (not) passed easier or harder because you are female or you think that it was not relevant?

Female Wikimedian:

Do you think that Wikimedian culture is sexist?

Female Wikimedian:

Have you ever been insulted on sexual/gender basis? If you did, how often is it happening?

Female Wikimedian:

By your opinion, are there some positive examples and positive trends in Wikimedian communities toward better involvement of females in contributing to Wikimedian projects?

Female Wikimedian:

First two interviews (Delphine’s and SlimVirgin’s) gave a very opposite picture of this issue. I think that the main difference is related to their roles inside of the community. Delphine is working on much higher level, with people interested in developing free knowledge community. At the other side, SlimVirgin is working at the battlefield. Did you noticed this difference during your involvement in Wikimedian projects?

Female Wikimedian:

If you are involved in more then one Wikimedian community, do you see any difference between them in relation of this issue?

Female Wikimedian:

If you think that the situation should be changed, what do you think that it should be done to change the situation?

Female Wikimedian:

By your opinion, what are the most important issues which should be solved to make better involvement of women in contributing to Wikimedian projects?

Female Wikimedian:

Do you think that there are some other important questions related to this issue? If so, please tell them and try to give an answer to them.

Female Wikimedian:


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