I am Milos Rancic, born at November 10th, 1973. in Belgrade, Yugoslavia (now Serbia). The incomplete list of my interests is below:

  • I am Wikipedian since late 2003. During the mid 2004. I moved Serbian Wikipedia forward, attracted people to participate, so at the end of the 2004 Serbian Wikipedia had full community.
  • At September 2004 I started project Anarchopedia, which, with a number of fusions (French, Indonesian, Polish and Danish projects didn’t originate on Anarchopedia, but on separate projects) became the wiki project with the most active languages after Wikipedia itself.
  • From the beginning at December of 2005 up to the first half of 2007 I was president of Wikimedia Serbia, the fifth worldwide chapter of Wikimedian community.
  • You may see my software project page at http://sourceforge.net/projects/millosh and it’s wiki at http://millosh.wiki.sourceforge.net/.
  • I am working on the issues related to computational linguistics.
  • I am using free software since 1995 and actively administrating it since 1999.
  • For four yeas I was working as VoIP administrator and technical director.
  • In 2003 I formed anarchist hosting facility anarhija.org, which had been developed in the collective with the same name and which is hosting now around 10-15 anarchist projects, mostly from Balkans.
  • I had other blogs in the not so distant past and I moved here at the end of July of 2007. I’ll use this blog for general purposes, including presentation of what do I think about various things.
  • In October 2007 I started with finishing my studies in general linguistics.
  • From November 2007 I am more involved in Wikinews project.
  • From December 21st, 2007 I am a steward on Wikimedian projects.
  • My general interests are free society (including free knowledge and free software), linguistics, programming, encyclopedistics, wiki (of course).
  • I am writing SF. You may see my (not so developed) project at http://hoh.wikia.com/.
  • I am interested only in collaborative and demotic art. So, I watching movies rarely (even my friends are making movies), I am reading literature rarely (even I have a good education in literature) and so on.
  • I was active sportsman. I was active judo and tae kwon do fighter, soccer player, athlete (100 and 200 meters) and orienteerist. However, I am strongly against professional sport.
  • I’ll add some more data here in the future…

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4 Responses to “About”

  1. 🙂

  2. Hi Millosh,
    I am Altipiani azionanti utente of ita.anarchopedia and in this day ita.anarchopedia not work: why? Wath’s the problem?
    I’m sorry but I dont write well english, but I speak french if you want.
    See you. Thanks.

  3. Hi Millosh.I need for help :S .I am Besfort Guri, FLOSSK member I need for your mail. My mail is besiguri@gmail.com . Please help me :S !!!

  4. […] [https://millosh.wordpress.com/about/] […]

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